24 August 2008

To The Greatest Cheese in the World

Yeah, I know, it's only cheese. But Parmigiano Reggiano is the BEST cheese in the world! (Although Mozzarella di Bufala runs it close!) Thanks to Mark for pointing these adverts out on YouTube:


Mark said...

*evil laugh*

Now say that all in Italian.

Jay3GSM said...

Hmm, very evil! I'll give it a try:

Si, lo so, e' solo formaggio. Pero', il Parmigiano Reggiano e' il migliore formaggio nel mondo! (Ma la Mozzarella di Bufala e' anche buona!) Grazie a Mark, per la pubblicitta'

That's about the best I'll get. I find it much easier to translate Italian to English, to be honest.

Mark said...

Very true. I just need more practice. I'll explain more later