07 August 2008

New Bible

I had reason to pop into London today. Whenever I do, I always try and make time to visit the Cathedral, and also St Paul's bookstore next door to the Cathedral. I went into the shop after 12.30 Mass, and I purchased a new Bible. I have a few different versions of the Bible, I like to compare different translations; I have a Douay Rheims, an RSV CE, and the new CTS Bible, which has the versions of the readings we get in Mass. I also have a KJV Bible which was given to me as a gift; Although it is a Protestant version of the Bible, it is an excellent study Bible, the verses throughout the Bible are cross-referenced with other verses, it is an ideal study tool.

The Bible I purchased today is the 'Christian Community Bible' Catholic Pastoral Edition. I remember back when I first thought I was being called into the Church, I went to a bookshop to buy a Bible. I purchased an NIV version which, I discovered later, is a Protestant Bible. I had no idea at the time that there were so many different versions, Protestant and Catholic and more. Since that time I was always cautious when buying a Bible, and after browsing the internet for advice the first Bible I purchased was the RSV CE, then the Douay Rheims, reliable and trustworthy Catholic Bibles.

Now, after a few years, I am more confident in reading different versions of Scripture, less concerned (although still wary) at being 'led astray'.
I saw this Bible, and I liked the way it has introductions before each book, it seems to have excellent notes, sometimes more than half the page is taken up with notes. I also like the tab system it uses on the side of the pages, it makes finding books within much easier. It seems the translation comes from the Philippines, the Imprimatur is from the Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines. I wonder if it is a translation from Philippine to English? Does anyone know?

I think for the notes alone this is going to be a useful Bible to own. There is a brief introduction inside:
The Bible is the Word of God... but even if you had bought this book and read it with much attention, you cannot force God to hand over his message to you. God himself will introduce you to the Truth if you can meet certain requirements. The first one is to search with perseverance: the door will be opened to those who knock. Do not give up if you cannot understand at the beginning, but ask in prayer and you will receive light. Another condition to grasp the teaching of God is that you search for it together with your brothers and sisters as you participate in a Christian community.

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