30 August 2008

Another New Bible

I have a good selection of Bibles now. I recently purchased a Christian Community Bible, Catholic Pastoral Edition and a while ago I purchased the New CTS Catholic Bible. This has the translations we use in Mass. I also have a Douay Rheims Bible and an RSV CE Bible, too. But just recently I have bought a Bible that is just that bit special.

I like to see a Bible that looks special. And the new Bible I have purchased is just beautiful. The cover is ornately designed, reflecting the design of the original version of this Bible that had an engraved cover. I like to see an ornate cover on a Bible, it gives a sense of the beauty that is contained within. This Bible is a Douay Rheims version, and comes complete with notes by Father George Leo Haydock; there are many notes, from around 210 sources, including many of the early Church Fathers. It is really going to help with my Bible study, complimenting the St Jerome Bible commentary and Holy Scripture commentary I bought recently. There is also a Catholic Bible dictionary and a history of the books of the Holy Catholic Bible. The book is huge. It's going to be a great resource for Bible study, but I doubt I will be carrying it around much! I order this from Ebay, $124.99, a special gift that I was able to buy after selling a few old items I had on Ebay. This Bible is printed and distributed through the Catholic Treasures website, the page for this Bible is here.

Here are a few pictures:


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this, Jay. I need to get myself a Douay-Rheims at some point; this one looks beautiful.

Jay3GSM said...

It truly is, Mark. But it is big, similar to the size of the book of the Gospels used in Mass. It is definitely a table Bible, but also a useful study Bible.

ukok said...

It's beautiful. Befitting the Word of God :-)