23 August 2008

Parmesan Flavoured Ice Cream

I like Ice Cream, I also like parmesan cheese, but the idea of the two mixed together does not appeal, at all! However, there are plenty of people in China who do like it, it seems. Italo-Chinese company La Perla says people are snapping it up. The ice cream is hand-made, in the traditional manner, with real parmesan cheese.

The taste was immediately excellent, but the biggest problem was getting the consistency right,
said La Perla director Roberto Longoni.
We found that the secret was to choose an 18-month-old cheese, which is sweeter and more elastic,
he said.

In total, La Perla offer over 400 flavours of ice cream; I wonder whether there is another as bad as parmesan flavour?



Mark said...

Oooh. Interesting.

By the way, have you seen the Parmigiano Reggiano adverts? Hilarious.

Oh, and I might need some Italian practice some day. :)

Mark said...

p.s. this is it - watch all the parts!


Jay3GSM said...

Ha ha, great adverts. I'm busting my brains now trying to remember the name of the song the tune is from!