11 August 2008

Radiant Light

On Saturday 13th September there is going to be a day of talk and prayers at Harpenden public hall, entitled 'Discovering the Face of Christ'. There will also be an exhibition of artwork by Elizabeth Wang. You can see some of the artwork on the Radiant Light website. I've been an admirer of this work ever since I first saw it on the EWTN program 'For God So Loved the World' which is hosted by Frances Hogan, who I am also an admirer of. I love the way complicated messages are conveyed with such simplicity and elegance. I could attribute that comment to both the work of Elizabeth Wang and the presentations by Frances Hogan.

I'm really looking forward to this event. It starts at 11 and finishes at 2.30. There will then be Mass at Our Lady of Lourdes at 3pm. Should be a good day.

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ukok said...

I'm so envious. I love Elizabeth Wang's art - it's incredibly inspiring and evocative.