08 October 2006

We're doomed

Seriously. There are so many nut jobs out there in this big old world of ours, all who think they are the ones who are right in their interpretation of the word of God. It's clear, it's not God who is the cause of most of the wars & conflicts, it is the people who twist the words in the Bible for their own purpose. Take a look at this video clip. I've not heard of this woman before, and I hope I never have to hear from her again. Whatever it is she is spouting, it's clear there is no christian thought or compassion in what she says. When I hear the words from people like her, and words from similar nutters from other religions, I just despair.


Steve Apple said...

I would claim to be a baptist as well, I attend a baptist church, but I am almost shamed right now to claim that name.
That woman has no idea what the bible says.
I do think God will judge America someday for our wickedness, we are a wicked nation, but to claim thats why he killed those girls is outrageous beyond belief.
God holds all of our future in his hands and can do what he pleases with us, but it is not our place to speculate on his plans, or reason in our heads why he did something he did.
Give God the glory he deserves, dont try to bring his mind to your level.
what a nut case.

Jay3gsm said...

It's awful the way people use the name of God to justify their warped theories. To claim God directly would have wanted those girls to suffer is disgusting. God would have been there when they died. But He would have been there comforting them during their suffering, not directing their killer in his actions.