21 October 2006

No arrests during ramadan

I saw a story posted on USSneverdock earlier. It is one of those stories that I really find hard to believe. One of those 'jaw-dropping, surely this can't be true' stories. Apprently, Manchester police have been told to avoid arresting arresting Muslims wanted on warrant during Ramadan. You can find the story here:

Police to avoid Ramadan arrests

Why are authorities in the UK running scared of Islamic faith? As said on the original post, Britain is going totally mad


Anonymous said...

You need to maybe go back and re-read the link (the BBC one) and you should realize that the story is actually advising against arresting Moslems during prayer times and it's been emphasised that it's not a blanket ban.

Although Jay, you seem to have a knack for twisting a story. Maybe you should see if The Sun are hiring!

Jay3gsm said...

Do the police extend this courtesy to other religious groups? I doubt it. It is just another example of authority in Britain tip-toeing around Muslims and followers of the Islamic faith. Just treat them the same, why does any group deserve preferential treatment? If they are criminals, and wanted on warrant, go arrest them. It's not as if they are loyal to their faith, after all.

If I ever have an interview with The Sun, I'll use your comment as recommendation.