15 October 2006

Freedom of expression

Wearing a cross for religious reasons is a personal thing. The right to express yourself by wearing a cross should not be restricted by your employer. As long as you complete your tasks in a professional manner, the fact that you wear a crucifix is irrelevant.

It is a symptom of the screwed up society we live in that people assume Christianity offends, and do all they can to remove it from every day life, but bend over backwards to accomodate every other religion or fad cult for fear of upsetting the followers.

So people rename Christmas to 'Winterval'. Even though most followers of different religions aren't bothered by Christmas and even join in the celebrations. I propose we rename Divalli. I'm open to suggestions on what we rename it to.


Anonymous said...

I think this story is bein blown out of all proportion. BA have a policy in place that prevents the wearing of jewelry, just because it's a cross doesn't make it any different. They stated they have no problem with her wearing it under her uniform.

So really it's not BA taking a stab at Christianity. The other point about winterval, I agree totally. It's just dumb shopping centre mangers and councillors responsible for it's creation. It's certainly not something you should be blaming Hindus for...

Talking of Diwali, it was yesterday (Saturday) so Happy Diwali!

Jay3gsm said...

A cross is not 'just' jewellery. It is a religious item. In fact, a lot of Christians get upset at how the cross is worn as just a fashion item.

I didn't intend to make it seem as if I blamed Hindus for the renaming of Christmas. I find it offensive though that there are people out there who think they are allowed to rename Christmas 'just in case' it upsets anyone.

And I join you in wishing happy Diwalli to all who celebrate the festival.