04 October 2006

Pregnant teenagers 'smoke to get small babies'

I couldn't believe this story when I heard about it. But apparently, teenage girls smoke during pregnancy to ensure they get a smaller baby.

I find it outrageous, disgusting, shocking, amazing that teenage girls would consider putting their unborn baby at harm in this way. For their own selfish ends, really. They believe that by having a smaller baby it will hurt less when they give birth.

Well, the facts are, smoking during pregnancy 'can' mean a smaller baby. As well as affecting the childs growth potential, not to mention the harm that child suffers as it develops, all the chemicals and nicotine and other horrible elements from tobacco smoke passing through to the child from the mothers blood, the increased risk of asthma in the child and other breathing difficulties.
But having a smaller baby does not guarantee a less painful childbirth. If you don't want the pain don't get pregnant. It's a simple enough solution, that even todays dumbass teenagers should be able to understand.

More than outrage, disgust, shock and amazement, though, I just feel so sad that teenagers who get pregnant have so little understanding of what they are doing that they are ignorant of the harm they do to their unborn child. It's a very sad situation. If they are so ignorant of such basic facts, how can they ever be ready to be a parent?

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Steve Apple said...

teens in america would not think much of this story.
Abortion is commonplace.
and whats wrong with hurting a childs breathing when we kill so many every day?
our world is truly warped.