13 October 2006

Italian MP's are ignorant

Le Iene is one of the better programs on Italian TV. It airs on Silvio Berlusconi's Mediaset network. This week the show was not allowed to transmit a report where they had proven that some Italian MP's had recently taken drugs. Out of 50 MP's, 16 had taken canabis, 4 had taken cocaine.
The MP's were set up. They believed they were going to participate in a TV interview. The makeup artists were not applying make up. They were taking sweat swabs for testing. The Italian privacy authority did not allow the show to air the report.

So, instead, they interviewed MP's outside Italian parliament and asked them some general knowledge questions. Several MP's were unable to answer questions on Darfur. Another failed to answer the question "What is Guantanamo?" When told it is a US terrorist prison camp the MP replied it was in 'Iraq or Afghanistan'.

More than one MP was convinced Nelson Mandela was from South America, whilst another was clueless as to why he had won his Nobel.

It really is pretty shocking. But I'd bet if you were to blindside MP's from England, or America, or pretty much anywhere with some general knowledge questions they would fail too. Without a script most politicians are lost.

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