15 September 2006

Pope Benedict upsets the Muslims

It seems the over sensitive Muslim community has been taking offence at recent comments made by the Pope. Pope Benedict XVI made comments in a recent speech how the concept of Holy war is 'contrary to God's plan'.

The Pope's comments are not anti Islam. He was making the point how science and philosophy in western culture have separated themselves from faith, leading to secularisation in Europe.

Secularisation has made it difficult for the West to understand cultures where faith is fundamental.

During his speech the Pope reflected on dialogue between a Byzantine emperor and an 'educated Persian' on the subject of Christianity & Islam and the truth of both. Pope Benedict specifically focused on the distinction between Mohammed's teaching on Jihad & Christianity's view that spreading faith through violence is wholly unreasonable.

I don't see why this would upset anyone? It is a valid point, made well. The use of violence in any form to force someone to conform to your own views is wrong. Violence is incompatible with the nature of God.

You can read the Pope's speech here:



Anonymous said...

So why did the over sensitive western oppressors taken offense when Iran's president recently quoted a saying of his leader that "Israel should be wiped off the face of the world"?

The usual double standards by the western world is at work as usual once again.

Oh well its just bring us Muslims more and more closer together. Just waiting to join the protest in England. It seems a slap on the wrist does not do the job we need to plan some more for the western people.

What a shame.

Jay3gsm said...

You see, there's various ways one could react to your post. You could just be on a wind up (most likely) but there's the slim chance you really believe what you say. Which is very sad.

I pray for Muslims. When I read things like this:

"The Islamic Society of North America held its national convention last week. One of the group sessions was called "...And Beat them Lightly". It analysed a verse from the Koran to try and show that not-too-violent beating of women is not abuse but really for their own protection."

I pray for Muslims who are forced to live under that religion against their choice. Not true? I think you'll find it is. Abdul Rahman is the name. Abdul was threatened with execution because he wanted to convert from Islam to Christianity. Islam, the religion of peace?

I pray, for all Muslims. And not only. I pray that Muslims and people of all faiths, and even those who have not yet found their path to God
are able to find peace, with themselves and with their fellow human being. I pray they find tranquility, for the good of us all.