18 September 2006

And still they complain

During Sunday service yeterday, the Pope offered an apology to any and all Muslims who happened to be offended during a speech he gave last week.

It seems however that it is not enough for some people. His apology was not heart felt enough. Perhaps if he were to lay down and receive 50 lashes as punishment, maybe that would suffice?

A totally crazy situation. The argument has been hijacked by extremists for political reasons, taking the comments out of context, and using them for their own purposes. And the peaceful followers of the Islam faith demonstrate their displeasure by attacking churches and burning effigies of the Pope....

Apparently there is a moderate majority who follow the Islam faith. I would suggest that this 'moderate majority' do something to reclaim their religion from the extremists.

An apology has been offered. Have the good grace to accept it, understand that no offence was meant, that comments have been taken out of context, and lets move on.

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