27 September 2006

Climate change

Climate change is a fact. We abuse the resources on the planet, we throw chemical shit into the atmosphere at a rate the earth can't cope with. This wonderful planet, which has amazing balance in life, everything in proportion . A positive for every negative. But what is not accounted for is the ignorance and 'who gives a shit' attitude that we show it every day.

Resources are finite. The way we live our lives today is not sustainable. Is it too late to make a change? Who can know. What is certain though, it's not too late to try. Lets see what we can do.

The biggest problem is peoples response: "What can I do that will make a difference?" Well, as it goes, quite a lot. If you use low energy light bulbs instead of normal bulbs, little will change. If one million people use low energy bulbs instead of ordinary bulbs, it will make a difference. If five million make the change, again it will make a difference. And so on.

So you can see, what we do individually does make a difference, to the collective change. And that was just one example. Every day I learn of new ways I can make a difference. If I can do it, then it isn't that hard.

So turn of the tap whilst brushing your teeth. Walk to the local shops instead of driving. Re-use those plastic bags. Recycle your rubbish. Turn off lights when not in use. Reduce your central heating by a few degrees. I promise you won't notice, but if everyone done the same the difference would be immense. There are so many different ways, different things we can do. Lets not be the generation that destroyed the planet.

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