18 September 2006

Holy war?

Yep, another post on this subject.

The Pope makes a speech in Bavaria last week. In that speech he quotes a 14th century emporer who had said that the prophet Mohammed had brought the world only "Evil and inhuman things" The Pope said the comment was a bit brusque. He never said he agreed with the comment.

Normally most of the world doesn't give a monkeys huff what the Pope says. But those few words in a long speech seemed to upset followers of Islam. How dare the Pope infer criticism on the prophet Mohammed.

As if Islam, Muslims & Mohammed can be considered above criticism?

The Pope regrets some people take offence at his words. So he apologises. Not enough for some people, it seems. It would appear the apology would only be acceptable if the Pope were to get down on bended knee and pledge allegiance to Allah!!

Meanwhile, the nice, peaceful, loving followers of Islam burn effigies of the Pope, protest and threaten violence.

And now, 'Al Qaeda' issue a warning, vowing to wage war on worshippers of the cross. They threaten to 'break the cross and spill the wine'

Right. And this all makes neutral observers of this situation believe that in fact the Pope has slighted followers of Islam, and in fact their religion is one of peace??

There are two options. Either Islam is a violent religion, whose followers believe that any who criticise or fail to bow down to Allah deserve to die - Spreading the faith by the sword - or the Isalmic faith has been abused by these people, used for their own end.

The evidence is there, draw your own conclusions.

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