18 September 2006

Junk food kids

Everyone knows that kids eat too much junk food. Ready packed meals, crisps, chocolate, junk, junk & more junk. Obesity is a big problem in the UK, following the US model of eating more than you need whilst not getting any excercise.

Recently, some people have started to take notice and tried to make an effort to bring about changes. TV chef Jamie Oliver started a camapgin to bring in real food (i.e. freshly prepared and cooked that day) into schools for lunches, a better choice of fresh fruit and vegetables and removing some unhealthier options.

There have been many studies which prove how a proper diet can improve health. There is also proof that a proper diet improves behaviour rates, and helps kids concentrate better. Avoiding soft fizzy drinks stuffed full of sugar is a good start.

And ultimately, it's parents who need to take responsibility for how kids eat. Parents need to encourage children to eat a better variety of foods, and to get off their lazy asses and go outside to play. Fresh air and excercise.

Instead, we find that outside a school in Yorkshire, two mothers are instead running a 'Junk Food Meals on Wheels' service. They take the childrens orders for fish n chips, burgers, sweets, chocolates, fizzy drinks during morning break and bring the food over at lunchtime.

Julie Critchlow & Sam Walker. You should be ashamed of yourselves!

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Newsquoter said...

Dr Ian Campbell, a weight management expert and adviser to Nutracheck, says childhood obesity has risen threefold over the last decade and the time to act is now:
Helping kids live healthy lifestyles now will prevent their becoming obese adults