29 February 2008

Moblogging From Rome

An opportunity came my way a month or so ago to be able to go to Rome, tomorrow, for the amazingly cheap price of £20, all in! The downside to that great deal means flying out at 6am in the morning, and flying back at 11pm tomorrow evening. A long day, but I decided it would be worth it.

In real terms I'm going to get about 8 - 9 hours to do what I want to, and my loose agenda is to go from Termini down the road to Santa Maria Maggiore, then down to the Colosseo, a long walk up to the fontana di Trevi, then up to Piazza Spagna, on to Piazza del Popolo, then another long walk down to the Vatican. That's a fair few miles! After the Vatican, I will be getting the tube back to Santa Maria Maggiore, where I intend to participate in the Vigil Mass. All in, that agenda will more or less take in the time I have.

I'm hoping to take lots of pictures on my phone (I use the N95 8GB these days) and hope to moblog. I made a trial post here before Christmas, and it worked well. The picture comes through at a small size, but it can be clicked on to be viewed in it's full state. I've no idea how this will work, and because I want to keep my data costs down I will be keeping my data allowance for email usage only, so I'll get to see how it looks when I get back.

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Mark said...

Hope you have/had a good time!