08 February 2008

A Sign of Love

This is NOT a sign of Love
In Many shops now, you will see toys like this one, sometimes embroidered with loving messages, as we approach Valentine's day. It is an indication of how generally warped the view of society is when an icon of the Devil is used to represent Love. The Devil has taken this Saint's day, taken it for himself. He has confused the whole concept of Love with lust and sex. So instead of celebrating Love, people use Valentine's day as an excuse for fornication. The Devil is symbolised as a cheeky, happy sign of carefree Love, when in reality he is anything but.

It really bugs me when people abuse the Saints in this way, people who otherwise wouldn't have a clue about what Saint's feast day it is. It happens on St Patrick's day, too, when that Saint's Holy Feast day is turned into an excuse for drunkenness and gluttonous excess.

The 'cheeky Devil' is not a sign of Love. Instead, I offer you something different, something that breathes Love, something that has Love woven through every part of it. This is Love, and if you can't see Love here, I'd suggest you are not looking properly:

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Mac McLernon said...

Excellent post, Jay. Very moving!