10 February 2008


I don't know where 'There' is. 'There' is a place, but you can't just go 'There' you have to arrive, and you arrive in a certain way. 'There' is the place you arrive when you are kneeling in front of the Blessed Sacrament. 'There' is the place you reach when you are fully concentrated on Christ. I don't know where 'There' is, but 'There' is immense, a huge and vast place, so deep and so rich, so moving and so overwhelming.

I don't know where 'There' is, but I want to go back 'There'.


Anonymous said...

It's there I was speaking of when I wrote about us "longing for Christ most of all" here.

By the way, are you Italian?

Jay3GSM said...

Hi, yeah my Dad is Italian. I go to Rome regularly, there is some family there, plus some in Montalcino and some down in Calabria.

I did notice the Learn Italian podcast you have linked on your blog, are you learning Italian?

Anonymous said...

Yes, that's why I asked. I'm trying to learn Italian - slowly!

Jay3GSM said...

That's great. Knowing Italian certainly helps with other languages too. I can get more from Latin, French and Spanish knowing Italian.

You should send me an email, jay3gsm@gmail.com and you can practice your written Italian. I am fluent in spoken and can read fine, but my written Italian could always do with a touch up, grammatically speaking. It would be good.

A presto :-)