01 March 2008

A day in Rome

So, the 'moblogging' didn't work out (stupid Vodafone - no matter what I tried I couldn't get a data connection. Tech support were worse than useless) but that apart, and a bit of drizzle early on, it's been a great day. My feet ache so much, I've walked miles and miles. All the way from Termini station to the Vatican and all the way back again!

My first stop this morning was Santa Maria Maggiore. As I recall, this is the biggest Church dedicated to Our Lady. Afterwards, I walked down the road and stopped in at St Pietro in Vincoli. It is said the chains on show inside the Church are the same ones that held St Peter when he was prisoner in Rome. I'm never too sure about these stories but also there's no reason to think that there isn't some truth in them.

From there I walked down the road to the Colosseum, and then up Via del Corso. From there I deviated to the Trevi fountain and onwards to Piazza Spagna. Then I walked down Via del Babuino which is apparently twinned with Madison Avenue. After passing through Piazza del Popolo, I walked along Via Cola di Rienzo up to the Vatican.

Going to St Peter's is always the highlight of a stop in Rome. I always see something new, every time. I was there for about an hour and a half, which included half hour in front of the Blessed Sacrament in a beautiful quiet side chapel.

Then I headed back. It was my intention to attend the Vigil Mass in Santa Maria Maggiore tonight but my return transport didn't leave time. I've been to Mass there before, but I'd have liked to do so again. Slightly disappointing but it can't detract from a great, if very tiring day.

On my walk back I popped in to a few bookshops and managed to find a reasonable looking Italian Bible. I found it surprising that a) A Bible was so hard to find and b) there were hardly any options to choose from! But the one I have will do for now. I'm hoping translation into Italian will be closer to Latin and help throw a bit more light on understanding Scripture that you can't always get from the English translations.

So, in all, a well spent, if very tiring day. My poor feet! I will sure sleep well tonight. I will post a few more pictures tomorrow along with a video clip I took outside St Peter's.

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Anonymous said...

Bad news about the data connection, but it still sounds as though you had a good time. I'd be interested to see how you find the Bible in Italian.

Oh, and let me know more about this deal you got; I am planning to visit Rome (ostensibly to see the Scots College) about February-time.