15 March 2008

Solemnity of St Joseph

We don't know much about St Joseph. But what we do know is pretty much all we need to know. St Joseph was a just man, a righteous man. He was humble, hard working, and the man chosen to be a father figure to the Lord Jesus, and spouse to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

For my confirmation, I get to choose a Saint who inspires me, a role model whose values and virtues I can try to live by. There are many wonderful Saints, but over time I have become close to St Joseph. I am a Dad, to two wonderful children, in difficult circumstances. A remnant of the way my life used to be, a painful reminder of the mistakes I made. I draw inspiration from St Joseph, as a Father, and if I could be just a tenth of the man St Joseph is, I would be fortunate indeed.

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WLMS said...

If you would like to know more about St. Joseph, I highly recommend 'Mystical City of God'. By Ven. Mary of Agreda who Our Lady manifested to her all visions pertaining to her life.
Buy the book but you can read an online version of it here - http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Ithaca/7194/

Also here is a small bit from the book. It's to do with the day St. Joseph was betrothed to Our Lady
On the day on which, as we have said in the preceding chapter, our Princess Mary completed the fourteenth year of her life, the men, who at that time in the city of Jerusalem were descendants of the tribe of Juda and of the race of David, gathered together in the temple. The sovereign Lady was also of that lineage. Among the number was Joseph, a native of Nazareth. and then living in Jerusalem; for he was one of the descendants of the royal race of David. He was then thirty-three years of age, of handsome person and pleasing countenance, but also of incomparable modesty and gravity; above all he was most chaste in thought and conduct, and most saintly in all his inclinations. From his twelfth year he had made and kept the vow of chastity. He was related to the Virgin Mary in the third degree, and was known for the utmost purity of his life, holy and irreprehensible in the eyes of God and of men.