10 July 2006

Four stars on our shirt

It's still sinking in. Italy, champions of the world. My throat is so sore, I didn't know I could sing so loud (or so well)

Overall I feel Italy can be proud of the way they played in this tournament. People will always trot out the old stereotype image of dour and boring football. But this team, whilst retaining the strong defensive qualities Italy is famous for, showed they had more than enough in attack too. 12 goals scored in the tournament, by 10 different players. Strength in depth.

We should find out today the results of the calciopoli investigation, and whilst I hope the offenders are punished in the manner they deserve (remembering my team, Milan, are one of the four accused) I hope for two things:

Winning the world title doesn't in some way lessen the punishment given for the crimes committed.
That the scandal takes it's place in the scheme of things and doesn't detract from a wonderful Italian achievement.

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