11 July 2006

And the polemic rumbles on

After the World Cup final, the talk is more about the headbut of Zidane to Materazzi than the fact Italy won. Not that anyone in Italy cares, they are still partying.

A new angle on the incident has been posted up on Youtube. You can clearly see Materazzi and Zidane together, Materazzi holding Zidane. It appears Zidane offers his shirt to Materazzi, and as he walks away Materazzi has a lot to say about it. And Zidane snaps. I still believe more than what was said here, is important at how they arrived at this point. Video needs to be reviewed of any previous incident during the finals between these two. Only then can we get a clear picture of what happened.

I still believe, whatever Materazzi said, Zidane should have kept walking. His reaction is below any level of provocation he may have received. A violent response to a verbal insult is wrong. Violence is never the way, and it is a shame violent conduct has marred Zidanes career, and damaged his reputation from this act in the final game of the tournament. The final game of his career.

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Anonymous said...

I completely disagree. After reading what Materazzi said to Zidane, his reaction was kinda calm.

Had he said that to me, I'd have headbutted him and then gone back to finish off the job.

Luckily most people agree that his reaction to a jumped up Italian football player certainly isn't enough to mar his career. He's still loved in France and has won an award related to the World Cup.

As for Materazzi..... pah!