21 July 2006

Courst says it is ok to swear at people

(Some strong language)

The Italian Court of Cassation has ruled it is ok to swear and hurl insults at someone, as long as the other side gives as good as it gets.

The courst decided a woman was entitled to call an acquaitance "Cretin" "Fool" "Bastard" & "Drug addict" because the insults had been mutual

The judges decided there was justification for the 'crime' upholding a decision made back in March. In that case a woman was acquitted after calling an immigrant co-worker a "Bloody nigger." The judges decided this was allowed as the man had isulted her family and her response was 'an equivalent insult'

This is not the first time a ruling from the court has caught the attention of the Italian media. In fact, the court is often the source of much amusement and bemusement with it's rulings. Past decisions have included:

  • A woman is complicit in rape if she removes skin tight jeans, even under threat
  • Bottom patting is ok, as long as it is 'a sudden & isolated' act
  • Overturning a conviction for rape of a youth who continued to have sex with his partner even though she had changed her mind halfway through
  • Punishing a council worker who blew the whistle on his colleagues for using taxpayers money to pay for calls to sex lines on council mobile phones
  • Saying it is ok for paedophiles to take pictures of minors, so long as they do not sell them
  • And they upheld an adultery ruling against a woman for kissing a bus driver. The reason they gave was 'The time and emotion invested in the relationship betrayed marital trust'
Sometimes you have to wonder what life these judges lead, to be able to pass such judgements.

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