14 July 2006

Calciopoli verdict

The results for the Calciopoli scandal are in, and they make sad reading for fans of the four teams involved.

Juventus, are relegated to Serie B, with a 30 point deficit to overcome. This probably means they will not be promoted next season unless they pretty much win *every* game. Unlikely but not impossible. Juve's last two Scudetto wins have been revoked. No news if they are to be awarded to another team, or if they will be cancelled from the records.

Lazio are relegated to Serie B, with a deficit of 7 points to overcome.

Fiorentina are relegated to Serie B with a deficit of 12 points to overcome.

Milan are not going to be relegated. They will stay in Serie A but have had 44 points taken away from last years league total, leaving them in a league position that gives NO European football. They start the next Serie A competition next year with a deficit penalty of 15 points.

They judges have spoken, the sentences have been passed. A sad day for all fans, as ever the innocent victims of the greedy few.

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