27 June 2006

Veterans Day

Today in the UK is the first veterans day. A chance for the masses to celebrate and thank those who put their lives on the line defending the freedoms of the country during times of war.

Although, seeing the standard these freedoms have led to in the UK*, you would think these veterans may wonder what they fought for.

War is wrong, violence is never going to resolve an issue, but sometimes you need to defend yourself against an aggressor. And those people who went out and put their life on the line for all of us, deserve all the thanks and praise due to them.

To all members of the armed forces, who would give their life for people they don't even know, in name of Queen and Country, I give my thanks.

* See posts here:

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Anonymous said...

You link to some marvelous sites.... especially the first blogger.

He definately sounds talented, witty, handsome and a good all rounder.

Jay3gsm said...

Don't let appearances deceive you. He has as many minus as plus points, if not more.