21 June 2006


Indictments in Italy’s biggest soccer scandal are going to be issued tomorrow, after the Italian stock exchange closes. This will come shortly after Italy’s third world cup game against the Czech Republic finishes.

The Italian soccer federation administrator, Guido Rossi, stated the decision to hold back the indictments was taken in agreement with the body who oversees the stock exchange. Since the scandal started there have been large movements in the stock of the two clubs involved in the scandal that are listed, Juventus and Lazio.

Two other clubs are also implicated in the scandal, Milan and Fiorentina.

At the close of this season Juventus claimed their 29th Scudetto. They are expected to face the stiffest charges in the trial, which could lead to them losing their two most recent scudetti and them being relegated to the Italian 3rd division. The other three clubs could face relegation to the Italian 2nd division. If this happens then all four clubs will be eliminated from nest seasons European competition.

Rossi said holding back the announcement of the indictments would not affect the scheduling of the ‘Soccergate’ trial. Charges will be pressed against the clubs and individuals who are suspected of wrongdoing at an Italian FA tribunal which meets on June 26th-27th.

The tribunal should issue its sentences by July 9th

Appeals should be heard before July 20th, so the whole sporting disciplinary process can be wrapped up before UEFA conducts the draws for next season's European club competitions .

Four separate criminal probes into the scandal are expected to take much longer .

AC Milan fans immediately began sweating about the prospect of following their team in Serie B next year, after press reports suggested the club was more heavily implicated in ‘Soccergate' than previously thought .

Lazio and Fiorentina were thought to be in danger of relegation, on the basis of wiretapped conversations recorded during criminal probes and published in newspapers, while Milan's role was originally seen as marginal .

The press said Milan's situation is now considered to be more serious than that of Lazio and Fiorentina.

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