20 June 2006

Get a proper job....

So I'm on the way to a meeting this morning, in London. To pass time on the underground journey I picked up a copy of the free paper, the Metro.

One story caught my attention. The picture to the left is of Dustin Diamond, who played a nerdy character called Screech in a nineties TV program called Saved by the bell.

Apparently life hasn't been good to Dustin recently, and he has struggled to make a living. In fact things are so hard he is desperately trying to raise money to avoid being evicted from his home. His cash raising idea involves selling T-Shirts for $15 a go, with the slogan "I paid 15 dollars to save Screeech's house" (The extra 'e' is to avoid copyright issues)

It's always sad to hear people have fallen on hard times, and eviction is not a nice situation to be in. But reading further into the story it appears that Dustin has failed in his attempt to carve out a career as a stand up comedian. Now, whilst I don't want to come across as uncaring or un-sympathetic, why doesn't this man get a real job? Is there any reason why he can't get of his lazy ass and do a real days work? Or is he too delicate?

There are plent of deserving people in this world in need of real genuine help. Mr Screech should get a real job and earn a living, rather than expecting one.

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Anonymous said...

Well Screech was the only charactor on saved by the bell who didn't leave when the new class took over.

But I do think you make a valid point, if things had gotten so bad that he faces evicion, I'd have gone out long before now and taken any job I could get to pay the bills.

Saying that, Screech was Italian right?