06 June 2006

Unfair to football

A new advertising campaign from World Vision has been banned by the BACC (British Advertising Clearance Centre) because it is 'unfair to football.' The ad shows a child in Malawi making a football from plastic bags and string.

The advert contrasted the £49m cost to sponsor the England football team with the 60p a day it costs to sponsor Masidi - The young boy who appears in the advert.

The advert, which can be viewed on World Vision's website www.sponsor.org, was filmed by the young boy who stars in it. Communities were given broadcast-quality cameras and Masidi chose to film his favourite past time – football.

Footballs are not so easy to get hold of in Malawi, so Masidi makes his from maize, plastic bags and string before joining his friends for a kick-about – in bare feet. A thirty second ad compares the three years it took to develop the World Cup ball with the ten minutes it takes Masidi to make his match ball.

Pop along and view the ads.


And whilst there, make the small commitment of 60p a day to sponsor a child. It's little more than the cost of a daily newspaper.

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