22 March 2009

March 22nd 2008

Saturday, March 22nd, 2008. About the same time that I am now writing this blog post, in fact, I was received into the Catholic Church, Confirmed and took my first Holy Communion. So, today is my full one year calendar anniversary as a full member of the Catholic Church!! It has been an amazing year since then in my life, my Faith grows stronger each day, my love for the Lord keeps growing, and despite the many times I fall and get it wrong, He keeps on picking me up, dusting me down, and helps get me moving again.

I wrote about my journey into the Church last year, just after Easter, which is here I hope to have many more years in which I can celebrate the greatest moment of my life, when I was fully received into the Church!


ukok said...

Congratulations Jay!

Mac McLernon said...

Many congratulations, Jay

Jay said...

Thanks, guys :-)

From now on my 'anniversary' will be based on the Church year, from Easter to Easter, but for the first one I couldn't wait so long! :-)