25 March 2009

The Apprentice

A lot of my friends watch the tv programme, The Apprentice. Although I know what it is about, and have heard of it, I've never really watched it. I hardly watch tv anymore, I mainly use my set for listening to the radio stations available on satellite. There's been a lot of advertising for this series, on radio and elsewhere, so I thought I'd tune in.

I wish I hadn't.

I found the whole thing very uncomfortable, the contestants come across as greedy, and selfish. The whole attitude is money, money, money. One of the contestants in his bio even said "making money is better than sex" Pretty pathetic really.

At the end, after much squabbling, accusation and counter-accusation, one contestant got fired. Not nicely done, poor girl even said thanks, for being fired! I can't imagine myself in that situation, at all, I wouldn't last. I'm not competitive enough, not motivated by money. I wouldn't get fired, I would have quit already. Nasty programme, really.

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