18 March 2009

AIDS, Condoms and the Church

I missed this last night, but Joanna Bogle from the blog Auntie Joanna writes was on Channel 4 news talking about comments Pope Benedict XVI has made concerning condoms and AIDS. You can see a clip of the event here. I personally thought Joanna did a wonderful job of passionately defending the Church's teaching here, so I was dismayed to read on her blog that some people have been criticising her, saying they were ashamed of her because she appeared to lose her cool.

Well, blow them, is all I can say. Being passionate is not a crime, and she did a wonderful job of putting the woman from Christian Aid and the interviewer in their place. It was noticeable when he (Jon Snow, I think he is) couldn't contain the passionate responses from Joanna he fell back to the old cliche "Well, you are not being very Christian, are you?" Like he would know what being Christian is all about!

I think it would be a great thing to pop over to her blog and give her some much deserved messages of support.

Go Joanna!

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