13 June 2008

My Patron Saint

Today is the Feast day of Saint Anthony of Padua. He is my patron Saint, my middle name is Antonio. Thinking back, St Anthony was probably my first real contact with the Catholic Church. I love his nickname, "The Hammer of Heretics".

You can find out so much about the life of this great Saint, a Doctor of the Church, by visiting StAnthony.org

This prayer is from St Anthony:
“Sweet Jesus, is there anything sweeter than you? To remember you is more delightful than everything else. Your name is joy; it is the true gate of our salvation. What else are you, Jesus, if not our Savior? Be our Redeemer. Give us the virtues of hope and love, just as you have given us faith, our primary joy. Give us the words that we need to praise you always. With the help and through the prayers of your mother. You who are blessed throughout the ages. Amen.”

St Anthony, Pray for us.

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Ηαppy Name Day amigo!!!