31 May 2008

A Real Star

I've mentioned the program Britain's Got Talent before. There was the amazing performance by Andrew Johnston in the regional shows. Well, there's another star in the show, and wow, this girl is absolute class. She is just 12 years old! Yet the voice on her is fantastic. Singing Ave Maria, which is always a favourite of mine. I was surprised she didn't win, she didn't even make the top three. Scroll through to about 1 minute 45 in to hear her sing.

1 comment:

Credo said...

She sang well.I am not surprised she didn't win.The majority in the UK are 'spiritual' types, who have lost the Faith along time ago. From what I can see,England is a sick and dying country.

The fast majority have no interest in 'Ave Maria' nor religion. Let us not be foolish. These people are unhinged.They have no more interest in God and Catholicism than the man in the moon.

People must know the Faith first.The majority of Brits are heathens.

A parliament of heathens voted against dropping the killing of babies for social reasons.It remains at 24 weeks.

The Moral rot is spread too far.Only,God,the Mass,Confession,the rosary will save us now.

The moral rot in the UK should turn thousands back to God.We love God. We must pity those who have rejected their God and Faith.

We have a promise though.Our Lady told us in the end her Immaculate Heart would Triumph!

God spare once 'merry' England.