21 June 2008

First Day of Summer

Today is the first official day of summer, so naturally it is raining. Grey, miserable typically English weather. Of course, Wimbledon starts next week so it's bound to rain for the next two weeks, at least!

The summer solstice brings the longest period of daylight today. The solstice is always tinged with sadness, because you know that from here on in the days are going to gradually get shorter and shorter as we approach winter!! How depressing!

Lets hope the weather breaks and we can have some good summer days to remember when the darkness comes.


Anonymous said...

It's 11:30pm here and still above 30oC.

You should maybe think about moving!

Jay3GSM said...

Too many Greeks there, though. Maybe I'll move to Rome :)

Anonymous said...

Just come back from Roma, had a great time... a few too many Italians though but it's bearable for a few days!

Now back in sunny Greece! Hope the weathers improved for you