03 August 2006

What's going on?

A quick view of the world headlines today:

The continuing war in Lebanon. Internal damage inside Lebanon is blocking aid to the innocent victims of the war.

Iraq. The top British diplomat suggests that civil war is 'More likely than not', a view shared by General John Abizaid, the top US commander in the middle east.

The Sri Lankan army and Tamil Tiger rebels blame each other for the deaths of 10 innocent civilians, in the Muslim majority town of Muttur.

At least 21 people are killed and 13 injured in a car bomb attack, on a market in southern Afghanistan

The Ugandan Lords Resistance Army will NOT send representatives to peace talks with the government

The conflict between Somalia and Ethipoia continues.

At least seven people, including a child, were killed in an Israeli air strike on Gaza.

All this war and fighting, do people really hate each other so much??

But war is not all:

Typhoon Prapiroon hits southern China, bringing heavy winds and rain, causing the evacuation of 10's of thousands of inhabitants. The Typhoon has already killed 6 people as it passed over the Philippines, and comes so soon after Typhoon Bilis killed over 600 people.

Meanwhile America still suffers from a heatwave affecting many areas across the states and which is suspected as the cause of death in at least 13 cases since Sunday. Temperatures and humidity in New York are so unbearable that special areas are being allocated in buildings so people can escape during the day.

Back to China where rising Sulphur Dioxide emissions are causing Environmental damage. In 2005 China emitted nearly 26m tons of sulphur dioxide, a 27% increase since 2000. Sulphur dioxide contributes to acid rain, which damages buildings, crops, and more importantly the health of humans.

So we do hate each other. We continue to kill each other the world over in war, conflict and we continue to abuse the planet, ruining the eco system. Either we will kill each other with guns, or we will kill each other by ruining the resources of the earth.

Will people realise in time the true damage they are causing? Or is mankind determined to destroy itself, one way or another?

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