27 August 2006

A criminal offence

The person pictured is Artur Boruc, a goalkeeper for Celtic football club. He is a catholic. Now normally, someones religion is not a discussion point. But in a football game against Glasgow Rangers football club, at the beginning of the second half, Artur Boruc made the sign of the cross. Something millions of Catholics do every day, without thought. Something thousands of footballers do as they enter onto a football pitch.

It seems that this simple religious gesture upset a few fans from the Rangers support, and they made a complaint to the police. And the end result is this man now has a criminal record for making a simple religious gesture.

What a sad episode, and a sad reflection on the narrow minded attitudes of the Rangers fans to be upset with this simple action, and the authorities for taking the actions they have.


Anonymous said...

What actually happened then? What did they charge him with and with what justification?

I'm assuming he's going to appeal?

partykillgirl said...

The joys of life in Scotland.