10 August 2006

The American view

Listen to this clip. It's only 50 seconds or so. It's unbelievable that on a major American news network channel somebody could be allowed to broadcast such an opinion. It's outrageous somebody could even hold such an opinion.

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Anonymous said...

Well, first please don't take this clip as "The American View." We are all over the map in our opinions. As to the observations made in the clip, I don't understand why the people of Lebanon continually give Hezbollah a pass for inciting the destruction that rains down upon them. I'm also angry as Hezbollah for being willing to kill so many of their own people just to make ineffectual strikes on Israel. I grieve for the villagers who have no choice but to take it and the Israelies who have no choice but to retaliate. As for the stupid opinion at the end, it's balanced by some of the most blatant anti-semitism I've ever heard on talk radio and I live in the very liberal blue state.