19 June 2007

193,700 children killed in the UK last year

In 2006, in the UK, 193,700 children were killed. That's an average of 530 children killed every day. The children were defenceless, unable to protect themselves. And the saddest thing is, these children were killed by the very people you would expect to protect them.

Abortion is horrific. We live in a screwed up world when the slaughter of children is accepted by society as normal. People are brainwashed into thinking that early term abortion is ok, because after all it's not really a baby, is it? Thing is, it really is a baby. A child. A HUMAN BEING! Deserving of all the dignity and respect that any human being is given.

To curb drink driving, campaigners show mangled car wrecks. To curb drug taking, campaigners show shocking photos of people who've died from overdose. Maybe that is the way to go, to show people just how horrific abortion really is. Someone who aborts their child is killing a real human being. A real person, who is alive. Living. Why isn't that life precious? Is it because the person who was to be born would be disabled? Does that make the life any less precious, because the child isn't normal? What is normal in this screwed up world? I know what is NOT normal, it is not normal to kill, it is not normal to murder, and just because that child has not been born, doesn't mean it's life is any less precious than yours! 2,000 children were killed in the UK in 2006 because they were to be born disabled.

Two pictures now. One of an aborted child at 7 weeks. The second of an aborted child of 8 weeks. Take a look, don't turn away. People need to see just what abortion is. Because hiding away the horror is not going to help that unborn child. People need to know what abortion is, how wrong it is, and people need to know how precious life is. These children need YOU to stand up for them. Protect them.

Abortion is murder.

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Tiber Jumper said...

thank you for posting those pics.
Otherwise, abortion becomes an intellectual debate, but it's about flesh and blood and the inviolability of life.