27 March 2007

Death threats

Threatening to kill anyone is just not nice. Plain common sense, huh? A blogger called Kathy Sierra, who writes the Creating Passionate Users blog, has been receiving death threats. The information is posted on her blog, with links to other sites where alleged threats have been made. There are some nasty pictures around and some horrible comments, too.

Now I don't know Kathy Sierra, have never come across her blog til today. Does she wind people up? Who knows. If she did would that justify death threats? Certainly not. It would appear some mischief making is going on, some people with small brains and big mouths are saying anything they want, people are getting upset, etc, etc.

Receiving a death threat is unpleasant. You have to feel for this woman, whatever the circumstances. I hope the situation is dealt with and Kathy can stop living behind a locked door, in fear.

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