08 March 2007

Americans are stupid

We all know that, right? Well, to be fair, I know a few people from America who are actually pretty damn clever. And I guess, in a country that size, they are going to have a fair share of ignorant people. But come on, how many sides does a triangle have? Name a country beginning with U? Who is Tony Blair? And they can't answer. Watch and see:


Adoro te Devote said...

Hey, now. Admittedly some Americans are stupid and you found a prime example. (I can't actually watch the video because my computer connection won't support it but I've seen similar things so I know what it is!)

But really, I wouldn't inflict such a judgment upon the majority. I know know why, but it always seems that the smallest minority of the most ignorant find their way onto a big screen somewhere as a representative of "Americans".

So...that said...Tony Blair is a tiger on a cereal box. And a triangle has 2 sides. A country beginning in "U"...OK, let me think. ULYSSEYS! Everybody knows THAT!


Jay3gsm said...

I'm sure I could find just as many people ignorant of such matters on the streets of the UK too. It just seems the best clips found of this type involve our beloved American cousins :)

Adoro te Devote said...

LOL! We actually tend to see more videos of Europeans and South Americans engaging in soccer (football to you) riots, which is simply something that doesn't occurr here.