08 November 2006

Save the planet, save money

What other incentive does a capitalist world need to do their bit to save the planet? Maybe the problem is the short term outlook people have means they can't see the long term benefits of spending money now to save money in the future.

But you needn't spend thousands, not even hundreds, to be doing 'your bit'. If every household in the UK replaced just three standard lightbulbs with energy saving bulbs, the energy saved in a year would supply ALL street lighting in the UK. Energy saving bulbs are a few pounds each. Everybody should be using energy saving bulbs, and there should be a social unacceptance from the majority for those who do not. It is unacceptable that people continue to use standard light bulbs. I would support a measure that increased substantially the cost of standard light bulbs to make them a less attractive buying option. And don't forget, low energy light bulbs means lower energy costs. Even ensuring when you boil the kettle for a cup of tea that you only use the amount of water required rather than filling the kettle each time is going to show a difference, and more significantly if everyone done this it WOULD make a difference.

Other ways to reduce your energy consumption, save money on your fuel bill and at the same time help reduce climate change are:

Double Glazing
Loft Insulation
Cavity Wall Insulation
Draught Proofing
Get a new boiler
Fit thermostatic radiator valves
Use energy saving appliances - New washing machines and dishwashers are much more economical on fuel and water usage, sometimes by up to 40%
Solar panel heating - It's suggested solar panel heating can supply all heating needs in the summer and 50% of those required in the winter. A government grant can subsidise the cost of solar panel installation by up to 50%

So some of these measures require an initial outlay. But the savings are there, for your pocket and for the planet. So what's stopping you?

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