11 September 2010

The Pope is Coming!

The Pope is coming! It's just a few days now, and the Pope will be here, in the UK. There are various events happening, and I will be going to the Prayer Vigil in Hyde Park along with a few members of our Parish. Having seen a preview of the 'entertainment', that is going to happen before the Holy Father arrives, I can see I'm not going to enjoy it much, but I need to keep in mind this event isn't being set up for my benefit, but for all Catholics to participate in. And I'm sure there will be a number in the crowd who will appreciate the ethnic dancing stuff. But, for me, the chance to be part of the experience is something that it is all worth suffering for. I can go to Rome quite easily, anytime, with a cheap low cost flight, and participate in an event in St Peter's Square and have done on quite a few occasions. But this is different, the Holy Father is coming to the UK, and I'm glad to be able to go to one of the official events.

Despite all the negativity coming from certain sections regarding the Papal Visit, people who I know who love the Church are getting very excited at the Pope's visit, and regardless of the nonsense people are coming up with, and regardless of the insults being thrown the way of the Holy Father, this is going to be a great few days.

Long live the Pope! Viva il Papa!


Anonymous said...


People questioning what the Pope PERSONALLY did (or more importantly didn't do) when dealing with peodophiles within the Church during his time?

You can't call it nonsense Jay as that's really offensive.

Jay said...

Who said anything about pedofilia? Why would you automatically jump to that conclusion? I never mentioned that, at all....

Anonymous said...

Er... Jay!

The issues and protests surrounding the Pope's visit to the UK is relating to that issue. So when you talk about the "nonsense people are coming up with" then of course I jump to that conclusion.

Perhaps you need to be clearer if you're referring to something else? :-)

PS: Enjoy the visit amigo (although it goes without saying that you will)