23 April 2010

Voting Life

I saw this post on the Mulier Fortis blog a few days ago, and I pretty much agree with what she says, the position of a candidate on Pro Life issues is the most important issue. For me, it defines the person, how they view those most defenceless in our society, the unborn, the handicapped, elderly, etc. If a person has little regard for the most vulnerable, then I don't really see myself voting for them. As it goes, the sitting MP in my area has good pro life views, which I admit is a rarity amongst MP's of all parties.

Then I saw this post over at the Saint Mary Magdalen blog recently, pointing out that a vote for Lib Dems could bring a party into power that accommodates people like Dr Evan Harris.

As it goes, Dr Harris uses Twitter, which I use on occasion too. Someone posted there that the media were stitching up Nick Clegg, and that out of spite they would vote Lib Dem. I replied that I could never vote for a party that houses people with views like Dr Harris. Well, if you are going to take a pro life stance in a public forum, you should expect a bit of flak, but really some comments have just been outrageous. For example, on my Twitter profile it says:

"Being Catholic defines who I am. My Faith is my life"!

Because of that it led someone to say: "A total lack of critical thinking there. Don't sweat it" Just because I'm Catholic??

Some other comments:

I'd rather have @DrEvanHarris by my bed pushing the syringe *at my request* than some ninny praying over my forced painful death.

If you're just going by that insipid "Dr. Death" article then I would implore you to think for yourself. However, looking at your profile I see thinking for yourself is largely out of the question. You may not impose your values on me. (Apparently being a Catholic means I am incapable of thinking for myself!!)

It's pointless trying to talk to someone as dumb as you, isn't it? (Which makes me wonder why this person bothered trying to talk to me?)

@DrEvanHarris why bother arguing with such a reactionary idiot as @Jay3GSM if your after his votes, your not worth voting for. (Even though I'd already stated I wouldn't vote Lib Dem...)

@DrEvanHarris are you expecting a rational reply from @Jay3GSM ? that might be a bit optimistic of you. (From someone who doesn't even know me, just based on knowing my Faith from my profile)

Quite incredible really. To be fair to Dr Harris, he has made a few replies, defending his stance (as I would expect him to) based on the fact that "Yes but those views shared by 350 MPs of all parties so why pick on the LDs?!? Is it esp wrong to be reported (ie "vocal")?" The fact that 350 MP's 'share his views' makes it ok, it seems. But as seen a few comments above, the fact he was at least polite enough to reply to my comment bothers some.

Now I'm getting comments re euthanasia, and abortion, asking why I'm against them?!? I mean, seriously? At least they are polite, in the main:

@Jay3GSM May I politely ask why? As I see it, Euthanisia provides a dignified exit to someone who is dying. The alternative is to use medicine to extend life beyond which it should not have lived. Thus increasing suffering.

@Jay3GSM To those directly involved Euthanasia is quite a comfort though, should we allow people to suffer. Is that not also a sin?

@Jay3GSM If someone is dying, and they choose to ask for help to die before life gets ugly, what is the problem with that?

Someone also said:

@Jay3GSM @DrEvanHarris Abortion *is* a horrible, but understandable thing. But Euthanasia is in no way bad. EVER!!! It's a choice.

It's been an interesting day, really, reading the views of these people, interacting with them online. What saddens me is none of the people who've commented have supported a pro life stance. Is it *really* that rare?

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