21 July 2009

Speeding nuns in a Ford Fiesta fined, refuse to pay

From Italy Magazine

The three nuns, Sister Tavoletta, 56, and two others (unnamed) aged 65 and 78, where rushing to see the Pope at 180kmph (112 mph) when the police pulled them over.

They had heard that the Pope had fallen and broke his wrist and they wanted to make sure all was ok.

They almost made it there. The Pope is currently in his summer holiday home in Valle d'Aosta at Les Combes, and they were stopped one hour away from their final destination. The Pope had slipped in the bathroom and fractured his wrist, and the Salesian nuns just had to confirm the news reports personally.

A spokesman for Turin's police, said: "Hopefully Sister Tavoletta will be making sure she confesses her bad driving the next she goes to confession. But in the meantime, she will have to pay the Euros 375 fine.

Sister Tavoletta, however, has no intention of simply accepting the fine. She has hired the services of one of Italy's best known lawyers in driving cases, Anna Orecchini who also lost her driving licence for a month, has not meekly accepted this rebuke. Instead, she will appeal against the fine with the aid of Italy's best known lawyer in driving cases, Anna Orecchioni and will appeal on the ground that their mission was more important that the speeding rules of the Italian state.



Anonymous said...

Would Sister Tavoletta feel the same way if she'd hit someone on her mission. Does the safety of her and other road users come second to confirming all is OK.

Hidden One said...

Epic fail.