02 June 2009

Festa Della Repubblica

Today is the Festa Della Repubblica, the day Italy changed from a Monarchy to a Republic. After 85 years, with a vote of 12.717.923 in favour of a Republic against 10.719.284 in favour of the monarchy, Italians voted and the reigning Royal Family, the Savoia, were banished from the newly formed Republic. It is only recently they have been allowed to return to Italy.

After many years the celebration of this date lost favour with many, but since 2000 has become more popular again. Falling as it does on a Tuesday this year, it has offered Italians the opportunity to 'bridge' the weekend into the festive day, and many shops and businesses would have been closed yesterday, too. Before the Republic, the Festive day of celebrating Italians was the first Sunday in June.

Buone Feste a tutti!!

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