19 September 2008

A Duty to Die

This is so outrageous that it defies words, but is worrying because deep down, you just know that there are people out there who will agree with this argument.

Some woman who I have never heard of, Baroness Warnock, has said that people suffering from dementia should be allowed to die because they are a burden to those who care for them, and as they are suffering they obviously cannot be enjoying their life. She said people suffering mental decline have a "duty to die". They are wasting people's lives because they have to care for them, and should be allowed to die. Not only are they 'wasting people's lives' they are also a drain on the resources of the NHS.

Very disturbing, especially the last part there. With the way economies around the world are crumbling, I can see that people will accept such an absurd argument, and people with debilitating mental illnesses will be encouraged to die, as a duty to the next generation. They will be encouraged to relieve the financial burden on their families, do the 'right thing' and kill themselves. Once that has been accepted you can look at any person who is handicapped, because they will be a financial burden too, and also impact on the lives of those who have to care for them. Then we can look at people who smoke. They are a financial burden on health resources, too. If finance is a reason to kill someone off, then why stop there? Why not kill anyone who becomes ill. No ill people, no need for carers, so they can toddle off and enjoy their quality of life, no need for a health service, the country will save billions!

The idea is totally crazy, and the fact that someone can even suggest it as a valid argument shocks me to the core. We're walking the slippery slope, folks. I just hope we realise, before it is too late.

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Mairin :o) said...

It is purely frightening. I'd be afraid to be related to anyone that supports this!