23 July 2008

All The Cool People go to Hell

A phrase I have heard recently, from a few people I know, is that *if* there is a Hell, they want to go there because it's where "all the cool people" will be, and it's where all the parties will be, and Heaven will be so boring!

Today the conversation came up with a couple of colleagues, from my new employment. I've only been there just over a week, I'm certain they never made their comments to wind me up, as people who know me better have been known to do. As we were walking down the street the conversation came to beliefs, and one of my colleagues said she was atheist, then quickly corrected herself to say she was a "couldn't-care-less-ist". I asked her what if she couldn't care less about turned out to be true, and that's when she made the comment "All the cool people go to Hell" and the person with us made a comment of agreement. Basically, Heaven is boring, and Hell is where all the fun will be.

It's not the first time I've had someone say this to me. Seems that we have a big image problem, if people think that an eternity of torment is going to be one big party, they are in for a shock.


Volpius Leonius said...

Then maybe it ain't so cool to be cool after all?

Mairin :o) said...

What a truly ignorant and scary attitude!