03 August 2007

New Last Supper Conspiracy

There is a new conspiracy surrounding the Last Supper, the famous painting by Leonardo Da Vinci. Someone has taken the picture and superimposed its mirror image on top of it, and made each image slightly transparent. Doing so has revelead an image of a woman apparently cradling a child standing next to Christ, and also an image of two knights at the table. See images below:

Last Supper, superimposed with its own mirror image.

The 'woman' leans across the group in the direction of Jesus

Two guests appear as knights

All to the enjoyment of misinformed conspiracy thoerists, who see this as further 'evidence' to support the theory that Jesus married Mary Magdalene and had a child with her.

Just shows that with digital editing you can make an image appear pretty much how you want it to.

Story here

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