18 May 2007

Choosing life

It's always hard to argue the case for life when there is certainty the baby is going to die. The arguments for aborting a child that you know will not survive after the birth is always a strong one. But life is life. A life is a precious thing and should be cherished no matter how short or difficult that life is.

There was a story in the news in the last week, about a young Irish girl. She is pregnant, and knows her child has a medical problem that means the child is unlikely to live two or three days after birth. She fought for her right to be allowed to come to the UK from Ireland and have the child aborted.

Reading through some blogs today I found a link from the Te-deum blog to this story on the American Papist blog

The young girl has had a change of heart, and chosen life for her child. I applaud her bravery and courage in this most difficult time.

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