23 April 2007

10 - 15 years

10 - 15 years. That is all we have to change the world. A bit dramatic, perhaps? Possibly. But I find it hard to understand those people who deny that climate change is happening, and that it is directly because of the actions of man that it is happening.

Carlo Rubbia, the Italian nobel winning physicist, has said that if we are to avoid major problems with climate change, we need to start making changes now. If we do not,then the earth will change us, and it won't be a barrel of laughs when that happens.
"We are facing an emergency. We have ten to 15 years to change the world, otherwise the world will change us. And it will change us in terrible ways," said Prof. Rubbia.

"In the short time we have available we must develop the means to face the situation. We must concentrate on science and technology," Rubbia said in an interview with Italy's Sky TG24 channel.

The evidence is powerful, the changes can actually be seen. Just open your eyes and take a look at the world around you. It is different. We are all responsible for what happens to the planet we live on. It's time we stopped abusing it, taking it for granted. Before it is too late.

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